Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.50.19 PMHalloween is here again, and that means drug dealers are gearing up to give away their most coveted substances to children for free. By disguising ecstasy and other drugs as candy, dealers are able to sneak these items into the hands of children across the country for free.

Parents should be aware that drug dealers everywhere will be putting hundreds of dollars into acquiring a supply of expensive pills, only to drop them at no charge into the pillowcases of neighborhood children who don’t know how to take them.

Drug dealers, many of whom make large amounts of untaxed money by selling addictive substances to paying adults, wait all year for Halloween, when they get to spend extra money engraving ecstasy tablets with cartoon characters and injecting candy with roofie drugs, and then give these items away for no profit and at a huge financial loss.

“Drug dealers want kids to get high as shit,” said David Rathburn, police chief of Haddonfield Township, NJ. “They love to make no money on causing children to trip balls, feel connected to the universe, and think their hands are the coolest things ever.”

Rathburn went on to explain how his department would crack down on this case. “It’ll be tough with no evidence or leads after the past four decades,” he continued.

“That’s why parents have to play their role. Be sure to check all your kids’ candy, and then eat it when they go to sleep.”