Shelton Referred to the Governor as “Adolf Christie”                 

Trenton, N.J. – Last week, Communications Workers of America vice president Chris Shelton referred to the governor as “Adolf Christie” and to Democratic leaders of the Legislature, Senator Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Oliver as Christie’s “Nazi generals”.

But that only seemed to enhance his value to Fox News and to the popular show “Jersey Shore”.

“We need more TV news personalities who are willing to speak their minds in a fair and balanced way. Who else today calls BOTH Democrats and Republicans Nazis?” said Fox News producer Carl Shumski. “Now that’s what I call ‘Fair and Balanced’!”

But Shumski is not the only one seeking the services of Shelton: 

Jersey Shore Producer SallyAnn Salsano made Shelton an undisclosed financial offer, too. Salsano made note that Shelton has the three qualities she looks for in a Jersey Shore housemate: “One, he’s dumber than a box of rocks.Two, he speaks his mind without thinking. And three, he is actually from New Jersey.”

In other news, Diane Gooch has had to update her  “Weiner Must Resign!”  website since Congressman Weiner actually did resign late last week: 

“We don’t what to take the website down, since we paid for it through the end of June.  so, we are researching which other members of Congress has tweeted nude pictures, so we can demand that resignation, too,” said Gooch spokesperson Gladys Hormsby.