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What Exit NJ? archives contain all of the content from our auspicious start. You can browse by issue, section, or keyword.

NOTE: Requests for articles/graphics from past issues are not accepted and What Exit NJ?  cannot guarantee a response to such requests.

What content is available in What Exit NJ? online archives?

What Exit NJ? archives contain all of the content from our auspicious start. You can browse by issue, by topic, by section, or search the entire archive by keyword.


What Exit NJ? is a satirical periodic publication published online daily. What Exit NJ?  is published by ComedyWorks Entertainment LLC. The contents of this material are © Copyright 2011 by ComedyWorks Entertainment LLC, and may not be reprinted or re-transmitted in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. What Exit NJ? is not intended for readers under 18 years of age, but you do need to be smarter than a fifth grader to find it funny. 

What Exit NJ? uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

NOTE: Editorial submissions of any kind are accepted by What Exit NJ?What Exit NJ? cannot guarantee their return, nor can What Exit NJ? guarantee a response to unsolicited submissions. 

I think I found a typo or error in the content. Where do I report it?

Report typos and errors in content to joeynovick@gmail.com, with “I think I found a typo or error” in the subject matter line.

How can I become a writer for What Exit NJ?

First and always—Please read through all content on What Exit NJ?, and get a general sense of our point of view and type of humor.

Also, you might try reading The Onion, because we model the type of humor and satire in structure after their content, and what they have done since day one — but while The Onion focuses on national and international news, sports culture and the like—at What Exit NJ? our focus is New Jersey, and only New Jersey.  Culture, politics, sports, business, entertainment, your neighborhood, —  the Garden State, its history, future, current events. If New York or national or international news has to do with New Jersey in some way, we will consider it. Be creative. 

Any unsolicited freelance material sent to What Exit NJ will not be read and will not be returned.

What we are looking for:

  • Outrageous humor that is indirect and satirical. (Think “The Onion” in style.)
  • Spoofing individuals as long as obscene language is not used.
  • Nonsensical humor that is purely made up just for the sake of being fun and doesn’t really serve any purpose. This can include faulty logic, non-sequiturs, and silly conclusions. (fun, sarcastic, and for the most part clean)
  • All original material.

What we are not looking for:

  • Direct insults and mudslinging. And, yes, we know Chris Christie is fat.
  • Actual news stories. (a story can stem from a true to life scenario, situation, or person and even seem real, but it cannot be an actual story)
  • Copied stories from other satirical websites. (themes may be similar from time to time at the fault of happenstance, however plagiarism is not tolerated)

We welcome your submissions…

If you think you can meet our high standards at What Exit NJ? and we agree, we wish we could promise you wealth beyond your wildest dreams, and a film or TV deal, but we cannot. Right now, there is no reimbursement for the use of your material, except for our thanks and a what is sure to be a great writing credit for your comedy resume or  your appearance at a comedy club.

Here’s how you can become one of What Exit NJ? inner circle of elite unpaid comedy writers:

Send Us Headlines

Heads up! Your headlines can be one to two lines, but no more, a maximum of 15 words. If we like your headlines and want the stories fleshed out, we’ll get back to you by email, Facebook, or phone. If you send complete stories, we will have to discard them immediately for legal reasons, and you will be shunned by the entire village.

Art/Illustrations/Comics/Cartoons/Video/Animation/Radio podcasts

Have a great idea for an original piece of art or video or radio podcast?

Send us a SHORT (2-3 sentence) description of the idea. If we’re interested, we’ll let you know. Do NOT email us finished art. We will discard any emails with attachments. No more than three concept submissions at a time, please.

Once again, please read through What Exit NJ? to get a sense of what the site is like comedy wise, and our POV.

What to Include in Your Submission

All submissions should include the following information:
– Submission type: Headline/Art Concept/Video Concept
– Your Name
– Your Phone Number
– Your Email Address

What NOT to Include in Your Submission

– Material that is not yours. All submissions must be original content.
– Illegal material
– Attachments. We don’t know where your files have been and we can’t take that risk.
– Everything you’ve ever written or created in your life. We don’t have the time to read it! If you exceed the maximums laid out above, we will delete the email.

Where to Send Your Stuff:

All submissions should be emailed to joeynovick@gmail.com, and include WHAT EXIT NJ? SUBMISSION in the subject line. Material received at any other address will be discarded.

Website Problems

My company blocks me from viewing your content. What can I do about it?

If your company chooses to restrict access to certain content, there’s nothing we can do about it on our end. Talk to them, demand access, view on your Ipad or Iphone. 

Advertising / Business

All advertising- and business-related questions/comments should be directed to the Business Department. This includes, but is not limited to online advertising opportunities, and questions or comments regarding advertisements. For more information regarding advertising opportunities on What Exit NJ?  website, please consult our Joey Novick at  joeynovick@gmail.com.

Can you send me your print advertising rate card?

Please contact Joey Novick at  joeynovick@gmail.com for information on online advertising rates. Please include your company name, contact information, and what type of advertising you are interested in.

Contact Us

If you have a question about the website or would like to report a technical problem please e-mail joeynovick@gmail.com.